Heritage Construction & Maintenance Co.

Good morning Paul,  A quick thank you note.   I met with Lee, Michael and Nathan on Tuesday.   I am so impressed with each of them individually and their wealth of knowledge, team spirit and their attitude about getting the job done and done right the first time. Have a great day! ~ Mary Weibel, HPMSI


I am so impressed with the way this has been handled from start to almost finished! The efficient action on the roof replacement definitely gave them confidence in Heritage and HCMC. ~ Sonja Johansen, HPMSI (On Behalf of Long Pointe Condominium)

Homeowner called to let Heritage know what an amazing and outstanding job Nathan Mulkey did on her roof. He showed up and got straight to work; he was very professional and friendly and he fixed her roof so fast. She is impressed with the company for being out there so quick and very satisfied with the work that was done. She wanted to be sure that Nathan receives recognition for the great work that he did. ~ Kennesaw Battle Condominiums

Jane, Many thanks to you and the maintenance dept at Heritage. This weekend could have been a flooding nightmare at 558 PB Circle but you and TY were "Pro Active" on both Saturday and Sunday in "preventing" an ugly disaster. The downspout is NOW draining in such a way as to pull all of the rain water away from the patio. A simple....but Common Sense solution to a nasty problem....!!! With the Homeowner at work...this problem was not ignored and as her neighbor, I appreciate the "extra care" that was taken to provide a simple solution. I was most impressed with the text messages from you, to keep me informed and the calls from TY on Saturday and Sunday morning, to follow up on the solution. Gratefully yours, Neighbor to 558 PB Circle (P.S. I was also honored to write a Glowing Yelp review to express my appreciation for the outstanding service by Heritage Management Company.) ~ Woodchase Condominium

Good morning, Mulberry Farms had their Annual meeting last night. We had about 60 homeowners attend. Daniel Hill was also present to speak about the project and answer questions. He did a good job and made himself available after he spoke to answer additional questions. The neighbors also complimented Daniel on the workers polite attitude and workmanship. The Board spoke highly of Heritage to the community regarding our oversight and management of the project. They even commented that Hill Mechanical wanted an advance on work not yet completed and how Mike told them no. They are impressed and appreciate Mike’s visible presence at the community. They also commented on the weekly updates they receive and how they believe we are on top of the job. Great work to everyone! Thank you ~ Phillip Harper, HPMSI

"I want to compliment one of your employees who worked far beyond expectations during the recent freeze.  Shawn arrived at Emory Parc Place and worked with the various homeowners experiencing water leaks due to the freezing temperatures.  He knew exactly how to manage the various problems and was always polite and professional.  He arrived in the evening and did not appear to be in a hurry, spending time to handle our problem thoroughly.  He even left salt for us to use in the morning knowing the water leak would freeze again overnight making it difficult to leave our unit." ~ Emory Parc

"John [a Heritage Construction & Maintenance Tech] arrived a little early and checked out the rain water noise I heard in the attic.  He couldn’t find the spot at first.  We talked and I showed him were I heard dripping noise.  He went back up again and found the area he thinks may be the problem and fixed it.  I was so impressed with his determination to find the problem and get it fixed.  What a pleasant personality he has.  Very upbeat.  Nathan [a Heritage Construction & Maintenance Tech] arrived shortly after John.  We went to the basement and I showed him all the water problems down there from the rain water coming in through the walls.  Nathan explained the problem and that it required a specialist.  However, our building has been having problems for over a year with the front door not closing all the way and leaving a big gap.  On his way out Nathan figured out how to fix that and now the doors closes.  He was so wonderful to handle it while he was here and was very eager to help us.  Both men were very professional, answered all my questions, and seemed very knowledgeable.  I am extremely pleased with all that was accomplished." ~ Charleston Square

"Jane, this email is long over due as Jason and Brent were here on Friday, 7/8, to repair an extremely bad, large place on the roof of Bldg 17 and some other smaller places. 

These two men worked tirelessly from early morning (9:15ish) until around 5:45ishpm in the hot, hot sun making repairs to our roof.  I would go out periodically to check on them because my temp guide show it being almost 96 degrees ... no telling what the temp was on the roof without any shade. 

They stayed until the job was finished.   They were absolutely amazing doing what was necessary to do a great job -- up and down the ladder; spending long times on the roof with the hot sun bearing down on them, etc.   They never "goofed" off or were lackadaisical about the job.   They work very well together ... definitely a team of two.  

Jason and Brent are a definite asset to Heritage, and the company is very lucky to have such talented, experienced men working for it.   I have seen Jason handle many job at Charleston Square Condo, and each one has been done perfect from the beginning.   He is so multi-talented and has the best attitude -- friendly, professional, knowledgeable, does his best to complete a task and make it right the first time, etc.  We at CHC are very fortunate to have Jason working to fixing "our" problems when they arise because of his first class talents that he brings to the job." ~ Charleston Square

"Hi Tiffany, Can you please thank the maintenance team for the treads they put on stairs that lead down to my unit. I fell last year when the stairs iced over and broke my collarbone. They've given me great piece of mind having these skid proof treads!" ~ Riverview Condominium

"Thank you very much for sending someone to fix our holes from the woodpeckers. I believe it was Lee and he was fantastic and did a great job. Appreciate your assistance."  ~ Southern Heritage at the Orchards of Brannon Oak Farms

"I have been meaning to phone you. The gentleman that you sent did an excellent job. Courteous, thorough, and high quality. My compliments and appreciation to him for a outstanding job. Thanks" ~ Martin Lakes Condominium

"Paul, I would like to commend your staff for their outstanding work on the recently completed water damage problems at the Fischer Mansion.  Ty has built a door at the exact specification needed to replace a very damaged one at the lower level of the Fischer Mansion.  The new door is dimensionally smaller than a regular door, so it took exactness.  In addition, he sealed the Mansion Verandah at its floor, column bases and rails to prevent further water seepage.  Nathan also did an exemplary job on the portion of the Mansion’s damaged roof shingles as well as providing a new foundation drain on the grounds. 

Both Ty and Nathan were very dedicated to doing the job in a most professional manner. The work is significant because it is well done and most worthy for a 1927 Mansion that is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. We are appreciative of Heritage’s very fine Construction and Maintenance Division. Thank you" ~ The Preserve at Fischer Mansion

Hi Rebecca and Ilene- Thanks so much for the "electrical" help. Sean has us  "bright and shining" again! He repaired the lamps and replaced the floodlight bulb!  Many thanks! ~ Glenn Square

All, I drove by this afternoon for a final inspection and they did a great job of removal and clean up. Thanks for doing an Outstanding Job on this project and being responsive to the needs of the Woodchase Community. Warm Regards.

​On Saturday, 8/23, HCMC service tech Ty Rhodes came out to fix the Riverview compactor.  First off, Ty was incredibly customer-service oriented, very informative, extremely efficient and hard-working on such a miserably hot day.  He pretty much spent the majority of his Saturday tracking down parts way up in Cartersville & fixing our compactor.  Ty kept me updated as progress was made throughout the day.  Hats off to HCMC and particularly, Ty Rhodes.  Yea!

Again, thanks to Ty doing such a great job !!! ~ Riverview Condominium 

Hi Paul, I wanted to let you know that Michael initiated a terrific solution to a trash compactor nightmare we have been experiencing at Avalon Townhomes.  Avalon currently has a keyed system where only 5 board members can turn on the compactor and so trash builds up quickly especially on weekends and if a board member isn’t around, residents will leave trash on the ground outside the packer.  Michael contacted an account rep he knew at Waste Management, Katie Scott who came out to the property and proposed installing a keyless door that will automatically compact after 3 users close the door.  The solution is only costing $40.00 more a month and will save countless hours of aggravation for everyone.  The Board was thrilled with this solution.  It is supposed to be installed next week.

My gratitude to Michael for proposing the keyless compactor door and for knowing who to reach out to at Waste Management to make it happen.

I look forward to solving many more issues with Michael and your team going forward. ~ Robin Hudson, CAM

Hey Robin, The technician (whose name I have unfortunately forgotten) just finished working at our townhouse, and I wanted to let you know that the repair looks great. Additionally, my wife said that he was very knowledgeable and considerate, and that he made quick work of the damage. Thank you again for arranging his work, and please pass our gratitude on to him! ~ Decatur Townhouses

Paul and Rebecca, Last evening was the Emory Parc Annual Meeting.  Many residents commented about the professionalism of the HCMC teams that service their property. They singled out Nathan (as he does the most work on the property) but the owners of 1009 who’s window has just been replaced also mentioned Ty too. I just wanted to pass this along.  Please let them know. Have a great day! ~ Linda LaManna, HPMSI (On Behalf of Emory Parc HOA)

I just wanted to take the opportunity to share with you how well Mike Foxley delivered his report to the FoxCroft Board this evening. He was an absolute perfect representation of how well the partnership of HCMC and an Association is supposed to be. I was impressed by his calm and poised manner. He is clearly working seamlessly with BlueSky and I am very pleased to report that the FoxCroft Board received his report and guidance warmly. Fantastic! ~ Melissa E. Parker, HPMSI

Homeowner called to let Heritage know what an amazing and outstanding job Nathan Mulkey did on her roof. He showed up and got straight to work; he was very professional and friendly and he fixed her roof so fast. She is impressed with the company for being out there so quick and very satisfied with the work that was done. She wanted to be sure that Nathan receives recognition for the great work that he did. ~ Kennesaw Battle 

Mr. Gwyn, As a longtime (16.5 years) resident of Peachtree Place Condominiums I find it necessary to inform you about your staff whose dedicated efforts are making our home, once more, a great one. Gary, Alfred, George!!!! Enrique are above the standards that most people are seeing in today's world. In other words, they're great. Again, just an FYI to let you know that many of us are grateful! Thank You ~ Peachtree Place Condominiums

I had the pleasure to meet your guy that was installing the stations today. He did a great job for us and he is truly a class act! Please thank him and pass along to everyone how much we appreciate his efforts in the 90+ degree heat. ~ Ashford Creek